Creating websites with Elementor: what can the free and PRO versions do?

Page builder in general But let’s leave Elementor aside and look at what a page builder actually is. Most page builders use a drag-and-drop

The 5 most useful WordPress plugins for web development

The modularity of WordPress is one of the very popular features of this Open Source CMS. WordPress contains a huge library of plugins that

How to create a website that will elevate your business, or 11 steps to the best website for you

What to remember when creating a website, whether you create it yourself or use a company? Table of Contents Platform Most websites change more

One-page website on WordPress

What is a one-page website A one-page (sometimes also single-page) website is, as the name suggests, a website made up of only one page.

How to save on web design?

Getting a developer to create a cheap website that looks very good at first glance is a win for many people, but… Choosing a

5 reasons to build a wordpress website

WordPress is an open source platform for creating websites and blogs. It is probably the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world,

10 reasons to create an e-shop on WordPress

Have you heard it too? WordPress is supposedly only good for a personal blog or, at most, a larger website. We can’t agree with

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