E‑shop with connection

Every major retailer needs to have their e-shop connected to other systems. Whether it is a billing or warehousing system or another e-shop where they want to offer original products.

What systems do you need to connect to?

We have already connected to

Layout of a multilingual e-shop with connection

  1. 20 thousand products (80 thousand variable products)
  2. 700 thousand images
  3. points and discount system
  4. integration with the accounting and warehouse system Pohoda – all controlled from the accounting software
  5. extra-fast searching
  6. selective shipping restrictions
  7. SEO filters
  8. videos in products
  9. imports
  10. favorite products

Launching 7/2021 – development site in details

TOP 10 e-shop in tobacco products

  1. e-shop with 1400 products
  2. connection to Money S3
  3. requirement +18 years
  4. 2 currencies
  5. wholesale section
  6. customer section
  7. export and import to Money S3
  8. Connection to FIO – payment monitoring incl. cash on delivery
  9. tailored administration – maximum simplification


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