One-page website on Wordpress

One-page website on WordPress

What is a one-page website

A one-page (sometimes also single-page) website is, as the name suggests, a website made up of only one page. It doesn’t contain a traditional menu that switches the visitor between pages, all the information can be found on one page using only scrolling. By not switching between sections by clicking through, but only by scrolling down, the sections are visually separated, often by contrasting background color or differently spaced graphics, targeting a single CTA such as a contact form or getting an email. One-page sites may include a menu, but this only uses so-called anchors in the links to navigate through the site.


When is it appropriate?

One-page is not a solution for everyone. Let’s talk about a few appropriate uses:

Events: a wedding, a local festival, but also recurring events such as Children’s Day or St. Nicholas Day in your town, vintage events and more. Events and occasions where there is no need are a good candidate for such a website. The name of the event, the organizer, the date, the location, the contact form and the timetable – there is no need to create a complicated website.

One product: Do you offer one product or one type of service? Do you just need to make your offering available to the general public, but want to handle the rest (invoices, customized production, client communication) yourself? Then again, you just need a simple page with your offer, contact details and a case form. You will also appreciate less administration with a one-page website.

Promotions, ads, campaigns: Do you need to present a short campaign on the Internet outside your website or do you not own a website at all? We recommend taking advantage of the advantages of a one-page website, such a site can be very attractive. You can maximize your message not only with words but also with graphics.

A simple portfolio: For a wedding photographer, copywriter or makeup artist, a good advertisement is their quality portfolio. A one-page website is a great way to show your portfolio to the world, allow visitors to reach you instantly and, above all, not spend a lot of time managing the site.

Ona-page web výhody a nevýhody

What are the advantages?

Simply put – fewer pages = fewer problems. One-page will cost you a little cheaper than a classic website, both in the creation and subsequent management of the site. It is better optimized for both speed and for search engines and display devices. It is a simple web business card that does not require as much care as a large multi-page website. Good graphics will win the visitor over and you may have a lower abandonment rate due to the simplicity.


And let’s also look at the cons

SEO has its downside – one page one targeting, if you need to target multiple keywords naturally, you may be better off creating a traditional website. If you are managing a one-page site yourself, it’s important to think that the site is not inflatable. By constantly adding more sections, you are essentially getting rid of all the benefits of a one-page site, if you tend to fill the site with more and more data, it’s probably time to choose another option. The analytics options also fall short in some areas, for example, leaving the site in the analytics includes the URL from which the customer left and this will usually always be the same on such a site.


When to think of a one-page?

Let’s recap: When you want to present a simple idea, product, service or event. You use one CTA (call to action – for example, a form), you don’t need to present your idea to visitors from all sides, and you handle most things personally. You need a simple web business card with contact details and a portfolio of finished work, and you don’t want to worry about anything extra or pay large sums to a management company.

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