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Today, the company website is not only a business card, but also a source of information for employees, suppliers or customers (B2C, B2B, etc.) The company website must not only meet all legislative requirements but, above all, it must convince the customer to take an action (call, fill in the contact form, or chat with you).

What can you expect from a company website?

However, you can also connect the company website to your intranet or internal chat. There are no limits to what your company website can do.

Come and talk about your company website or even about your complex company system.

  1. Graphic design in collaboration with graphic designer Mark Leschinger
  2. Multilingual catalog system
  3. Everything arranged so that the website does not have to be redesigned and is capable of long-term development


For Premier Clinic, we also implemented:

  1. New breasts
  2. Removal of tattoos
  3. Laser hair removal
  4. Hair transplantation
  5. Gynolaser

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