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Custom corporate website

With WordPress, you can have the perfect corporate website with a vision of simple development. One of the biggest advantages is that you can have each section of the website administered by the department that will oversee it.

What can a website contain?

WordPress specialisté

The corporate website has high requirements for stability, speed and security. Of course, WordPress meets these three basic parameters. Here are some examples of sites that run on WordPress: The White House, News Microsoft, Techcrunch.

Thanks to the most popular system in the world (WP is used by 41% of the world market), WordPress is a well-tuned system for large websites or e-shops. The Woocommerce e-shop solution is used by over 30% of the world’s e-shops and is in the TOP 1 million 22% run on the WordPress Woocommerce system.

Every system must be done at a professional level. That’s why WPDistro guarantees not only quality, but also precisely performed work, which is completely transferable.

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