How to save on web design?

Getting a developer to create a cheap website that looks very good at first glance is a win for many people, but… Choosing a cheap developer may get you a cheap website, but will it be a professional job? Won’t I have to start putting large sums of money into the site within a few months because it will fall apart or not be made to make changes easily? How can I save not only money, but time and nerves as well?


Having an idea of what you want from a website is key. You don’t need to know how a website is created and what it can do, it is important to know what you want it to do. What all will be displayed on the site and in what structure (products, articles, webinars). It’s also a good idea to think about whether you want to be able to apply minor changes to the site or whether you’ll leave it up to the web supplier and pay for their work. This changes the web development process and adds pro-user interfaces so that, for example, your secretary doesn’t have to wander between HTML characters.



Supplied texts

Texts are also related to the structure of the content, you don’t always have complete texts in hand before creating a website, but it is advisable to have a sample text and know its structure, especially when it comes to editable text. What does this mean? For example, let’s imagine you need an e-shop with products. The products may change, it may be the weight, the composition, the color, and all this needs to be edited. In order to make editing clear for the average user, you need to link the content on the site to easily accessible fields for the editor. If the specification says that the colour is always the same and you don’t need to add it to the editable fields, and suddenly you find that the range has expanded in terms of colour, you either have to pay to reprogram the functionality of that field or pay a developer to make the changes for you.


Supplied media

Photos, images, icons, videos all need to be well processed. Any extra work required to make sure everything is in the right place in the end can be expensive.

Format – Avoid different file formats, for example if images are to be used for the same purpose they should be the same format. If you supply images in multiple bitmap and vector formats, the developers will not be happy. Sizes and dimensions for individual photos/images are not a problem as they can be edited in batch.


Titles – If necessary choose appropriate names for the media, it makes it much easier to track down the media and possibly put it in the right place on the site.

Structure – The structure of media is important, especially for more complex sites. If you need several galleries or photos for products choose not only an appropriate name, but divide these files into folders.


Ease of communication

If you are a larger company, choose one person to communicate with the developer. Of course, consult the entire design and process within the company, but choose one “spokesperson” who will not change during the process. Continue to communicate within your company with everyone who has something to say about the site, then speak to the developers in a unified way. Inconsistent briefs and constantly changing requirements mean charging for more work.


komunikace ve firmě


Check the progress of the work

The developer should communicate with you regularly and at some stage allow access to the split site. Despite all the efforts between the developer and the client to understand each other, it may happen that the company that produces the site understands your request differently. It is therefore important to check on the progress of the work and get in touch in time if necessary. With us, the client has immediate access to the developer’s website. He can therefore intervene at any time to the progress of the work.


Consistent communication, correctly delivered media and texts and checking during the work will save you not only money, but often time and nerves. If you are in a hurry to produce a site, then by working with the data correctly and communicating carefully, you will also reduce the chances of the site’s publication date being extended.

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