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Catalogue system with a vision for development






Development in eshops

Multilanguage catalogue system with a vision for development

  1. System in 14 languages
  2. 550 products × 14 languages
  3. Web editing powered by WordPress
  4. Creation of a plan for the creation of a new catalogue with a vision for development into the e-shop in each country
  5. We are now redesigning the catalogue because we make it more manageable and with the vision of developing it into the eshop in each country

The development version is in the link – estimated launch is around July 2021

How the project went

ECG approached us like many other companies. They needed to speed up and edit their catalogue. We did a short analysis of the project and made the website faster and more responsive. Then we created a larger analysis and agreed to redo – the catalog system with the expectation because it would evolve into the e-commerce solution. At the moment we are completely redesigning the catalogue and the launch is planned for July.

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