Dřevoobchod Doležal - eshop with 7 000 products

E-shop with integration with an accounting system, 10 thousand products

Eshop - 10 thousand products

  1. E-shop – 7 thousand products
  2. B2B
  3. Every customer has his own price – ratings
  4. accounting and warehouse system Duel Ježek
  5. product filtering

What does the client say?

Since the support for Joomla and the overall popularity of this system is decreasing, we have chosen to switch to the most widely used eshop system in the world. We have two eshops that WPDistro has implemented for us. The speed of the old system didn’t suit us and at the same time we needed a customized system – a connection with our accounting system Ježek Duel. We use a complex discount system, which had to be transferred to the e-shop. Everything was finally implemented after the project was delayed and now we work on the new system.

Pavel Zítka - IT director

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